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About the book …

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

As explained in my previous post, I’ve finally started to read the book “al-Hijaab” of Shaikh al-Albani (rahimahullah).

Well, alhamdulillah, I’ve managed to start reading it and I can say that the book really takes you “back”  in the past. It gives you examples from the time of the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) mashaAllah and lots of references to the Sahaba.

I don’t feel to say more as I’m just at the beginning but alhamdulillah for having that book! It really seems to explain properly the whole issue of hijaab and so on. I remember when looking for his (al-Albani’s) opinion online, to understand “why” he thought so (about the niqab being highly recommended rather than obligatory) and reading of someone who criticized him for giving “freedom” or “chance” to women to show their beauty… well, would a Salafi do so? I don’t think so. Indeed al-Albani’s opinion is far from it mashaAllah and not everybody get it subhanaAllah! The line between his opinion and those of other Shoyouk considering the face covering as fard is very thin mashaAllah!

Highly recommended simply means: It’s good for you, do it!!

I’ll keep you updated inshaAllah! :)


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Finally mine!

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

did it ever happen to you that the easiest of things becomes the most difficult one to do? Or, in my (and in this) case… to get?

Let me tell you the story….. make yourselves a cup of coffee or tea first ;)

Since my dh’s last visit to Dz, I’ve been asking for the book of Shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah)  “Al-Hijaab”, in arabic. None of the bookshops had it subhanaAllah! Well, apparently most (or all, Allahu a’alam) of al-Albani’s books have been banned in Algeria… la hawla wa la quwata illa billah! So we are playing the “waiting game” now LOL! Hopefully we’ll get one inshaAllah!

Not happy at all, astaghfirullah, I decided to order one on line, in english. “Come on, I saw it, it’s in english and I can buy it from darussalam with just one click!” – I thought – Checked the darussalam website and khalas, finito, no more that book! :shock: I’ve been searching and searching… subhanaAllah it seemed like when during Ramadhaan you run out of bread and are looking for some to buy just before iftar!

Then I finally googled the title and got the link of an english website… based in London! Allahu Akbar! I was sooo happy mashaAllah! I was expecting to receive it in few days… so I bought it! …. I received it after well… 10 days (???)

In case you are interested, I bought the book from HERE

Did anyone of you read it before? :)

jazakhum Allahu khayran!


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My way to the niqab

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

I’ve finally decided to tell you about my way to the niqab; how and when I started and wanted to wear it…

I’ve always had this love inside of me for the niqab wishing, one day, to wear it full time. I was wearing it only when on holidays in Algeria… until back home or back at the airport… horrible feeling taking it off and returning to the normal life style… working in contact with the public. Well yes, ’cause I was working, in a shop and so in contact with customers every single day subhanaAllah! I was always thinking: if one day I stop to work I’ll wear it for ever insha’Allah!

And here the baraka from Allah, I was blessed with a baby (my son masha’Allah), having the time off for maternity leave, not sure if going back to work or not. Things were going on in my family life so there was the chance for me to go back to work (…. how much I cried and prayed for being a “stay at home mum”!!).  During those months I started to think about the niqab, the idea popped up in my mind when, one day, my family and I went for a lecture in the new mosque. I knew the entrance was the same (for brothers & sisters I mean) so I decided to wear it just to feel more relaxed.

So, on the way to the mosque, I was feeling soooo well masha’Allah! Not a big difference! If one or two people were looking at me, I realized it was the same “looking at me” when wearing the khimaar only. The difference was that, this time, I was feeling even stronger alhamdulillah!

Back home was the big question: keep wearing it or not? – I was answering this question in this way: what if I go back to work? I’ll take it off… I think I should wait! – I was really thinking about this dunya and not with the right intention to wear it. So, after a while, I decided: I do it for Allah, I don’t care, maybe I’ll die before going back to work… who knows??? ….

… and alhamdulillah, after a month or so I finally had the chance to choose to NOT go back to work, wearing my niqab and feeling it as a reward of my Lord for putting my trust in Him… Allahu Akbar!


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